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Knowing the likely depths of schizoaffective disorder in the anti-conservative fanatic community at large, it's reasonable to have concerns about Net companies doing illegal interference against conservative citizens.
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09/30/2019, 20:46:06

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Rush recently stated that it was his belief that the anti-conservatives are so far gone into their delusional thinking that they are literally already in a "Cold War" against their political opponents - just as the Bolsheviks considered anyone among their own People who opposed them strongly not just adversaries, but enemies in the most deadly sense. 

Some among the farthest off the rails of the anti-conservative movement already believe (or behave exactly as if they believe) that conservatives are sub-humans who deserve nothing good - up to and including death.

The operative definition of "hate" is the desire to see or cause loss, injury or destruction to a someone / something. 

Once the government has bgeen weaponized - used as an agent for bringing one-party dominance/rule, it is reasonable to assume that the private sector will run amok. 

One of the only realy vital duties of the federal government is to act as a watchdog to prevent powerful multi-billion-dollar multi-national corporations  from persecuting/illegally discriminating/harassing private citizens in violation of their business licenses.

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