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Thanks, Bart, but this is what scares me. How can I find all of this information and they can't. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT. I fear they will impeach and the Senate will remove him. The more I dig, the more I find the UNIPARTY are
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Posted by: Dee W.

09/30/2019, 14:03:46

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part of the Cahoots Brothers. I found Romney, McConnell, former conservative Vitter, and so many more who have sold their souls to our enemies.

I'm concerned about them harming or removing our president, who is about the only REAL AMERICAN in the entire bunch. He could easily have retired or just moved on with his business...but he chose to serve us. I love him in spite of some of his dumb tweets. HE'S AN AMERICAN THRU AND THRU!

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