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Many may not believe me, but I believe this is true
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Posted by: Bartb ®

09/30/2019, 07:11:37

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1. Please, please, watch the movie "The Story of Louis Pasteur"
2 I am not a doctor
3. President Lincoln was asked, "What law school did you go to to become a lawyer."  He said,
"I did not go to a law school."
The reporter asked,
"How did you learn to be a lawyer?"
"Well, I read a lot of books."
4. There is a type of tuberculosis that is immune to drugs; people who get this usually  die.
5. I believe I know how to cure this.
6. If you have, or know of someone who has this disease, "What to you have to loose?
7 If you are desperate, call me.

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