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Any MSM journalist could have done this—but they didn’t. I don't want to waste my research so I'm asking you to read what I found. Thanks so much.
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Posted by: Dee W. ®

09/29/2019, 10:27:17

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I decided to attempt to dig deeper into the Ukraine/BURISMA situation and have read volumes. I don’t want to waste what I learned from my reading so here goes:

In 2002, a Ukraine criminal by the name of Mykola Zlochevsky, founded the largest Ukraine oil company (registered in Cyprus), BURISMA HOLDINGS. Zlochevsky owned numerous oil companies in Ukraine, and fortunately for him, he was appointed to a position of prominence in 2010 to 2012, Minister of Ecology & Natural Resources, putting him in charge of...can you guess…oil licensing among other things! He regularly issued licensing to his own oil companies without any scrutiny—even though BURISMA was selling oil to fake companies. He also had a position of prominence in the economy of Ukraine where in 2012 he was appointed to the Economic and Social Security on the National Security and Defense Council. The public was protesting him, and he was accused of embezzlement of the government funds and fraud with his oil licensing as well as tax evasion--he was forced to flee Ukraine, causing Great Britain to freeze the $23 million he wanted transferred to his Cypress bank.

WHAT ABOUT BURISMA? A journalist, James Kapert (sp?) in the energy industry had this to say:

"Burisma fails to pass the most basic due diligence check. Its registration documents are impossible to run down. It publishes no asset information financial records, nor does it release any audited financial statement. The complete lack of transparency means that anyone interested in including potential investors must rely solely on press releases about Barisma’s future plans and intentions." (hat tip to Glenn Beck on this little tidbit) 

Much prior to all of this going on going on, Hunter Biden established a consulting firm, Seneca Global Advisors. Five months after Joe Biden became VP, Hunter co-founded “Rosemont Seneca Partners” along with John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz and Devon Archer (Asian financial whiz), who established Rosemont Capital. Over time, Heinz was not comfortable and backed out of the deal, so it was now Devon Archer and Hunter Biden.

2014 - Biden and Archer fly to Kiev where he they met Mykola Zlochevsky/BURISMA. Zlochevsky is under scrutiny and ready to flee because officials want to arrest him, so he sought to assemble a high-profile international board to oversee BURISMA and to get western acceptance. Uh huh. 

Hunter suggested the law firm of Boies Schiller Flexner advise the oil company on how to get the oil from the ground. HUH? He suggests Nardello & Co. an investigative firm, to assess BURISMA’S history of corruption. Devon Archer was placed on the board and then Hunter Biden was placed on the board. Remember, Biden was the most powerful point man Obama had in Ukraine. The State Dept. determined, it was okay that Hunter was on the board because he was a ”private citizen (unlike Trump’s sons and staffers who are not “private citizens.”)

Remember, Zlochevsky had to flee the country because of his corruption.

Obama and Biden even wrote letters to both the UK and Ukraine demanding they obliterate corruption <wink wink>
and guess what happened? UK released the $23M stating “lack of evidence" and Ukraine dropped their case against BURISMA and Zlochevsky. All charges were dropped against BURISMA/Zlochevsky except for tax evasion for which he paid a mere $180 million in fines. Wasn’t it wonderful that Obama and Biden insisted on the nvestigation of corruption?

Now, that everything was in order (really) Obama cleared Ukraine of everything and gave $1.8 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine which was immediately placed in a bank associated with Zlochevsky, the innocent man.

One day before Trump’s inauguration Zlochevsky “donated” up to $250,000 to the Atlantic Council, a think tank of high-profile former military and government officials that is now working with them on all their projects and giving them respectability .

In 2018, Klochevsky felt so protected and vindicated that he was caught in a phone conversation where he appears to have admitted the graft. The Ukraine courts then overturned the ruling and began another investigation of BURISMA. Schiff and co. are blaming Trump for the re-opening of this investigation. Oh, almost forgot, Mitt Romney’s, 2012 national security advisor, Joseph Cofer Black was placed on the board of BURISMA to take Hunter Biden’s place. 

On April 21, 2019 President Poroshenko was easily defeated and a pro-Ukraine patriot (a non politician-comedian) was elected president of Ukraine and he’s cleaning house big time. All of the crooked politicians from the Obama’s, Biden’s, Romney’s, and other assorted Uniparty( Democrats and Republicans)and even the US media, have made it their goal to stop any legitimate investigation.

Zelensky was like a Johnny Carson and used the corruption in his comedy shows. He began in 2015, showing the fraud of the Ukraine investigators. Comedy exposes corruption and people relate well. 


This is not including the $billions$ Hunter and Archer made in contracts with China when these two “private citizens" accompanied Biden to China. Just September 28, 2019, news began creeping out about how Romney’s son was in on the China deal with Hunter.

This appears to be much larger than any of us realized. It appears that many are plundering the rich reserves of Ukraine and making billions in their crimes working along with Zlochevsky. God help that poor nation whose leadership in the past has been corrupt until the last election. This is exactly why the Democrats and media cannot allow a genuine investigation into Ukraine corruption.

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