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The 'Crats are the "chaos factor" in any equation for the USA. They are swift to invoke it, but of course can't control it either.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/28/2019, 01:56:55

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For any faction that is not in power, there is a temptation to destabilize the larger system in which they function because there is always a small but statistically significant chance that the outcome of any major destructive action which results in massive chaos will ultimately leave them in a stronger position than they previously were.

The strategic problem with that attempt is that frequently those who roll the dice by deliberately loosing the Dogs of War (so to speak) end up WORSE OFF than they were before.

But for a party like the 'Crats, it is difficult to imagine that they could fall into much worse a condition than they already have. In past attempts to do similar things, they DID end up much worse off - the slide to the left in past elections for POTUS (such as the McGovern and Carter debacles) resulted in losses not only for the candidates who tried to cause the chaos, but for the entire Democrat party for years afterward.

Carter's infamous attempt to convince the nation to stop expecting more than his own administration could deliver (whining about a "national malaise" for instance) got his party eight years of Ronald Reagan as POTUS, followed by four more with Bush 41.

So there is a political price to pay for going ape-shit with reckless, destructive, licentious radical policies and candidates. It seems to me that at this point, the desperate 'Crats have so little faith in their own party, they WILL see an attempt to foment all-out political/civil conflict as a reasonable strategery (sic).

The party of Ahab is ready willing and able to pursue the Great White Whale of undoing the 2016 election even if it costs them a massive political defeat in 2020 which could set their own party's influence back considerably.

It's clear that many of them are apparently unable or unwilling to consider the down side of their radical extreme leftist anti-conservative fanaticism (revolutionary Marxist socialism) as a possibility. So they are not the least bit worried about crippling their party as long as they believe that they can damage the Great White Whale.

None of them have apparently read Melville.

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