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It's apparently a comment on how whoever the anti-Trumpsters have on is automatically called an "expert".
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/27/2019, 21:30:41

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Most recently the anti-conservative mass media declared a severely autistic, almost sociophobic, abysmally ignorant 16 year-old girl to be an "authority on physical geographical science".

They are operating on the Madison Avenue principle that "people don't believe anything unless and until they see it on T.V." so the leftists are hard at work with their allies in the mass media pushing as many people they themselves describe as "experts" into the public eye. 

Both the magnitude and volume of the lies they are telling are increasing exponentially. 

They have already reached the point where they insist that everything is its opposite. The overwhelming evidence is that DJT has done nothing to collude with Russia, yet they still INSIST that he did. 

The overwhelming evidence is that DJT did nothing wrong in regard to the latest phone call to a foreign leader, but the Crats insist that he did. 

If DJT came out tomorrow and said the sky was blue and the sun was hot, the 'Crats would have  panel of experts on their so-called "news" programs "proving" that it was "exactly the opposite". 

They have started to behave EXACTLY like psychiatric patients with schizophrenia problems - they cannot hold reality. They have essentially declared that anything they don't like does not exist. 

Just like psychotic psychiatric hospital patients.

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