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Latest polling and fund-raising numbers both spell serious trouble for the 'Crats.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/27/2019, 21:11:58

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We are witnessing a party demonstrating exactly what Rush Limbaugh has said for years  - whenever 'Crats run campaigns or policies according to what they really believe about, think about and plan for the United States. they lose national elections. 

It appears that they are genuinely incapable of changing course not just unwilling. The 'Crat leaders (as the Eightball Obama) are following their own internal polling and trying to triangulate with their own base.

The problem with the above strategery is that it leaves out the critical self-described "moderate" vote, in their own party and in the non-aligned sector. 

I'm guessing that the 'Crats feel confident because they've discovered the truth about U.S. voter fraud - that they can do as much as they want without any concerns because even if they get caught, by the time they do, they will already be in power and will weaponize government and exterminate anyone who tries to move against them - laws be damned. 

"The plan is to utilize the mechanism of democratic elections to obtain government power, and then use that power to deny the same to the opposition."  Adolph Hitler (writing about applied fascism). 
Anyone willing to bet that the 'Crats would NEVER do anything as horrible as mount an effective government take-over using massive vote fraud is being exceedingly naive. 

One of the biggest problems with the 'Crats is that many of their leaders and constituents are so insane that they would truly find the idea of starting a shooting war of the civil variety exciting. 

That's one reason why they are so horribly, lethally dangerous - they are deathly afraid of normal, healthy and harmless things while being completely unconcerned about genuinely existential threats to both civilization and to the USA. 

In the most real sense imaginable, leftists have become American jihaddists - intent on taking over the government and forming a one-party oligarchy like the USSR, China et al, or are prepared to destroy the entire country in the process. 

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