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So now what, 'Crats!?! Ukraine phone call was mundane, devoid of any reference to military aid.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/25/2019, 15:00:08

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So what has changed since the so-called "whistleblower" blew it? Well, the person with apparent access to proprietary information about top secret phone calls may end up being prosecuted for a crime, since he leaked information to the press.

President Trump's popularity is about the same.

The 'Crats have placed Sleepy Joe Biden's corruption then the BRAGGING he did about his corruption, front and center in the national spotlight.

So the already-wounded Biden's campaign is now reeling in a crisis which may not be something from which he will emerge as a viable candidate.

Warren was already ahead in Iowa before the latest Biden disaster. So it's reasonable to assume that a lot of 'Crats who thought he was "the only candidate who could beat Trump" will no longer hold that belief.

The public is even less sympathetic to anti-Trump shenanigans with every passing day, yet the 'Crat candidates move further and further to...wherever they believe they are going (with their strident, Marxist dialectic).

Political Reality: There is very little that a political adversary can do to damage a political party worse than what a political party will inevitably do to damage themselves.

For those who question Trump's electability (again)I ask, "Which party would you rather belong to going into the 2020 national election - the 'Crats or the Republicans?

From my POV, whatever challenges/problems the Republican party may have - those of the 'Crats are exponentially worse right now.

With almost 100% certainty, the 'Crats will be nominating a presidential candidate whose policies are to the left of the most radically leftist, anti-conservative, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-NORMALITY candidates who have ever run for president.

BTW, they all lost their elections - decisively.

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