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One of those things where if you have to explain why Zimmerman had a legal right to defend himself against attempted murder, there is no point.
Re: "[The REAL] Brittany Diamond Eugene, knew as she conversed on the phone that Trayvon was contemplating a premeditated attack on Zimmerman." - CNN? MSNBC? ABC? <crickets> -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/25/2019, 14:40:55

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This merely confirms what virtually everyone with an I.Q. larger than their age already knew - Martin was a vicious animal through-and-through who got ventilated because he begged for it.

Even the Skittles were not harmless - they are a key ingredient in Purple Drank a cheap narcotic using cough syrup popular with criminal gang members and other lowlifes in the 'hood.

The whole thing is much like the Butcher of Brentwood trial - people look for scenarios to justify Martin's attack, none of which are supported by evidence, then adopt belief in them like a religious principle.

Martin was an animal who wore clothing, and by all appearances of the evidence, got exactly what he deserved.

If anything he deserved a much slower death after being gut shot, getting peritonitis, then being delirious for several days before crashing with terminal sepsis (which is extremely painful, unpleasant I am told).

So in a way he got off easy.

That doesn't take away from the fact that Zimmerman himself is no rocket scientist, but he was 100% justified in pulling the trigger to save his own life.

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