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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/25/2019, 03:34:55

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There is a form of psychotherapy known as Gestalt meant to create more comprehensive self-awareness of one's own nature.

In a similar vein, the German term "zeitgeist" has no literal English translation but it approximates "a whole, insightful, comprehensive awareness which occurs suddenly with strong emotion".

Consider which political party you'd rather be going in a reelection campaign for president and other national offices right now - the Republicans /conservatives or the Democrats/Marxist revolutionary socialist/ecoparanoid/anti-Capitalist, anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-Normality anti-economic growth, anti-jobs, anti-family, anti-law enforcement hate-mongering detached-from-reality party?

See, I've noticed that far more people answer polling questions honestly if they trust the pollster - which in most cases are hard leftists pretending to be objective - so normal people such as conservative LIE to pollsters.

So there is always a large BUMP behind every poll that reports leftist gains or domination over non-leftists. The real support the leftists will receive on election day is ALWAYS significantly less than the (mostly leftist) pollsters say it will be.

That is just a given. So yes, DJT SHOULD campaign as if he is ten points behind in the polls (as do all smart politicians regardless of the polls) but no, we who oppose anti-conservative fanaticism are not in the minority rather, we are by far the greater silent majority.

Even Spiro Agnew got a few things right.

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