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Check out an exchange I had with this leftist dweeb (jrsfishing). Total and utter destruction.
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Posted by: TEEBONE

09/24/2019, 19:09:28

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No mention of our Constitution? Our Constitutional Right to self defense? I find it hard to believe you were ever an American...


Let me help you... 2A starts with "A well regulated Militia. . ."


Let me help YOU.

The prefatory clause merely states the purpose that the right is being guaranteed in writing; it neither creates nor places conditions upon the right. The term "well regulated" modifies the noun, "militia," not the noun "right" nor the noun "people." They aren't even in the same clause. The operative clause declares that the right (assumed arguendo as preexisting) belongs to the people, and mandates that it shall not be infringed.

The sentence can accurately be paraphrased thus:

"Because of THAT, we are guaranteeing THIS."


English Grammar and Usage 101.


Why are you SHOUTING at me? Interesting that Supreme Court didn't agree with you until the Heller decision in 2008. If it was so obvious you would think there would have been an earlier decision guaranteeing the individual right to bear arms. This was not the case and many legal scholars disagree with this position. In fact 4 member of the Supreme Court in Heller disagreed.


Actually, it was never brought to the SCOTUS as a question until the Heller challenge. The Miller case dealt with the type of weapon, not whether he had an individual right to bear arms. In fact. the government argued that the right was collective, but the Court ignored it and assumed arguendo that the defendant had an individual right to bear arms, just not one that wasn't in common use and had no military utility. That in itself proves that the issue wasn't in question. The four that disagreed in Heller are progressives, and it's a matter of record that progressives reject the DoI and the Constitution wholesale, despite their admonitions to the contrary.* Hell, Buzzy even advocates looking to European and International law to inform American constitutional jurisprudence.

*See: Woodrow Wilson, the godfather of American progressivism.

And the caps weren't 'shouting,' they were used for emphasis.

What's 'interesting' is that I blew your "well regulated militia" BS out of the water, and your response on that subject? [crickets]


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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