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High functioning autism.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/24/2019, 13:38:04

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The left is once again trying to redefine "normal" to include people with severe developmental disorders. The left would have us believe that such people are not "really" disabled, but rather simply "different". (rolls eyes)

This is part-and-parcel of the evolution of leftist propaganda which began with increased tolerance for minority groups and people who are impaired, to admiration, and now, they would have us all believe that people with severe disabilities or disorders are for some reason above criticism (more "pure" or "virtuous" in some elitist sense) not to be criticized or questioned when they engage in normal life.

People with severe AS often are dysfunctional for their entire lives that they never achieve much of anything on a level playing field but must always have "help" in everything they do.

My own discomfort with her participation in any such discussions of AGW is the same as for most ecoparanoids (with or without autism) - they lack any comprehensive understanding of physical geographical science but instead receive all of their opinions about AGW secondhand - like robots being programmed.

So the only thing they have any dealings in is opinionology - which is the use of one highly-biased, fact-sparse, subjective opinion to validate another.

And yes, for the love of God don't drag young developmentally-disabled (ie. severely handicapped) abysmally ignorant (of hard science) young people into national propaganda campaigns to scare everyone (including children) horribly trying to stampede them into rash actions to benefit Marxist socialist environmental fanaticism.

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