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Brilliant reponse to a seriously misguided LTE:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

09/24/2019, 13:28:02

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Letter: Sensible gun laws

Spruce Lynch | Opinion
2-2 minutes

There is a lot of talk about guns all across the country — a lot of “talk,” but not a lot of discussion. We are so entrenched in our opinions that we never discuss, we just talk and raise voices.

Discussions about gun safety do not threaten the Second Amendment. I believe that the National Rifle Association and all gun enthusiasts agree that there needs to be something done.

There are laws about about safety. For example, there were many people against wearing seat belts. There are laws about how fast you can go and laws that govern the right of way.

My point is that whenever safety is an issue, there need to be laws for protection. Guns are not the problem. People are. Therefore, there need to be strict gun laws so that only law-abiding citizens will be able to purchase weapons.

I support people’s rights to own guns. I do not support the sale of military assault weapons. We don’t need them for hunting. In fact, we don’t need them at all. They are weapons of war, not guns of play. They need special instructions for use, more than we can get in civilian life.

— Spruce Lynch


Matthew_Carberry   1 day ago
Here is the problem with trying to have a serious discussion about gun control in a nutshell. Almost uniformly, the people pushing for stricter controls have no knowledge of any facet of the subject: history, law, research, or even the technology involved. Here we see yet another person unaware that the same exact semi-auto technology used in scary "assault weapons" dates to the 19th century. Unaware that semi-auto rifles functionally identical to modern rifles were sold starting at the turn of the 20thC. Unaware that the AR pattern rifle went on commercial sale over half a century ago. Unaware that semi-auto AR patterns are the most commonly sold rifles for all legal purposes, including hunting, in the US. Unaware that all types of rifles, much less "assault weapons," are used in only a small percentage of all crimes, and are not even used in the majority of mass shootings.

It behooves people who want their opinions to be treated seriously to educate themselves before speaking.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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