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By demonizing and ratcheting up the dehumanizing rhetoric, the anti-conservative fanatics are moving closer and closer to declaring murder of those who oppose them is permitted.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/10/2019, 20:42:22

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The recent behavior of far left mayors ordering their law enforcement to refuse to protect conservatives when attacked by mobs of criminals. 'Like something out of a Batman movie. Openly in-your-face government corruption fomenting violence against their political enemies. 

I use the word "enemy" because once an adversary declares that anyone who disagrees with or opposes them strongly is not only wrong on policy but SUBHUMAN and "worthy of being hated" violence is the next inevitable result. 

See, the definition of hatred is: 1) the desire to see loss, injury, misfortune or even death befall some one.

Largely and increasingly anti-conservative fanatics ( leftists et al) engage in dehumanizing rhetoric in both tone and literal statements toward conservatives and others who disagree with them strongly. 

They clearly believe that conservatives deserve nothing good, only bad things. Look what one did to Rand Paul!! So by logical extension of that belief, the eventual conclusion must be "not even life".  So ultimately leftists will say openly (or by implication as in that movie about hunting down conservatives and torturing them to death) that conservatives deserve to be murdered. 

This is evil. It is Satanic. They need to stop or those who enable such things will incur grievous consequences in the spiritual realm. 

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