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Teebone (et al): Modest technical accomplishment (Football stuff)
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Posted by: Russ Walden

09/09/2019, 21:22:59

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Tee, et al --

My new whiz-bang antenna worked fine for the Falcons game, but was not satisfactory for the Patriots game. The connection kept drifting in and out.

So, . . . I went exploring. I now have a combination that works. The NFL has an International Game Package that allows watching games in real time. Problem is, it cannot be used in the United States. Enter the Virtual Private Network (VPN). I have a VPN service in case I want to use a public WiFi network (Airport, MacDonalds or similar). The VPN allows me to select my location.

So, I logged in to my VPN, chose to be in the United Kingdom, then logged in to my NFL International Game Package. I am now watching the Monday Night Football game -- not because I'm interested, but just because I can. I can project my computer screen to the TV, so I get to watch it on the big screen.

So, when the Patriots come to Miami, I will be able to watch the game.

Take care,


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