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Well, Tee, football season is upon us, and the Falcons are off to a shaky start . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden ®

09/08/2019, 13:26:44

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. . . first possession featured a bad sack and a blocked punt, with Minnesota about to score in some fashion.  Just scored a TD.  Oh, well, . . ..

I'm just happy that I'm able to watch the game.  I cancelled my DirecTV after deciding that was just way too much money to spend when the only thing I ever watch on TV is football.  The rest of the year it just sits there . . . costing me money.

So, I bought a $60 antenna.  It's up in the attic.  Two, actually, one for the house and one for the shop.  I'm watching in the shop now.  Haven't tried the house yet.  My earlier attempts were not encouraging because of my semi-rural location, but a friend told me that the TV stations crank up the signal a bit when the Falcons are on.  Seems to be so, the game is coming in good.

The big test will be tonight when I try to watch the Patriots/Steelers game.  If I can't watch the Patriots games, I may go through serious withdrawals.  Last year I had a package that allowed me to watch every Patriot game -- wherever they were playing.

The big Patriots news is their signing Antonio Brown.  If there is a coach who can straighten his ass out, it will be Belichick.  He's done it before.  Time will tell.

Well, the Falcons are already down by two TDs, so think I will take the dogs for a walk and check it later.  I see the Dolphins are in the same state.  Maybe this is not a good afternoon for football.

Take care,


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