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Posted by: TEEBONE

09/08/2019, 12:23:54

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One must die: Either real freedom or big government - WND

Craige McMillan
4-5 minutes

Any government that can spend a trillion dollars a year is too big. That's a million dollars, a million times over.

Leftists and weak-kneed, get-along to go-along conservatives are what grows government. It doesn't matter whether the growth occurs at the city, county, state or federal level. Government growth is the enemy of real freedom.

Government at all levels inserts itself between the people it governs and the freedom they desire. Government invariably increases regulations (thou shalt nots) and always seeks to increase its enforcement power, resulting in a vicious circle.

Government opens the way to insert corruption into a nation, including its political process. Bribery and blackmail are the two most commons forms of corruption. Think of them as two sides of the same coin. Bribery is the happy face of corruption: Oh, look! I got money for helping this person circumvent the government bureaucracy. The unhappy face is blackmail. Either you help me with this, or I will expose your revolting or illegal behavior regarding (fill in the blank).

Perhaps that explains the collective rush among our political elites to the bottom of the moral barrel over the past few decades. The more aberrations you can "normalize" amongst the public, the fewer blackmail targets your life presents for those looking for "favors."

Our founders viewed government as a necessary evil, because they had experienced the evil part at the hands of the English king. American patriots were determined that their own experiment in self-government would not repeat the mistakes the English had made, which was to view the colonies as a revenue source ripe for harvesting through taxation, beyond what was needed for governing the colonies

As a government becomes more and more corrupt, laws are often enacted to favor one business over another, perhaps through tax advantages, perhaps through mergers, perhaps regulatory requirements. Corruption, therefore, feeds upon itself. It does so until the host (the nation being governed) is weakened and unable to stand up to those within and without who seek to do it great harm. In this respect, corruption is just like cancer: Unless successfully treated, it always kills the host.

As corruption spreads outward from government across the nation, lawlessness grows and justice dies. Who runs certain sections of almost every major city in America? Criminal gangs. The behavior spreads outward from there.

Because corruption is an ever present threat to the survival of a free people, it must be eliminated when and where it is found. Since the corrupt have by definition no moral compass, and have eaten of the poisonous fruit, they are therefore likely to reoffend. Punishment, to deter, must be severe or permanent.

In the midst of the corruption of big government, there is a counterfeit freedom that emerges. Let's just call it fake freedom. Freedom from want, regardless of whether you choose to work. Freedom from student loan payback, because your worthless education did nothing to increase your employability. Freedom from criticism for your ideas, however unhinged they are from reality. Freedom from an unwanted child, which is the natural outcome of your last hookup. Maybe it's the rich and powerful pretending that visits to Epstein Island where adults foisted their sick fantasies onto children will leave no lasting harm in the child's life, for generations outward.

Perhaps even the freedom to look the other way and pretend it isn't happening, hunkering down into your cocoon, forsaking real human relationships for Fakebook likes and replacing real conversations with Twitter microbursts. By doing so, all of us are ignoring Big Tech's goal to rule the world with the algorithms of their choice, leaving only the illusion of freedom.

America must surely be near the point of no return. The corrupt Obama administration used the nation's spy agencies in conjunction with a corrupted FBI and Department of Justice to attempt to remove a duly elected president. You can judge our nation's will to survive by the severity of the punishment meted out to these conspirators and their enablers.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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