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In a psychological sense, leftists hate the limitations of the Constitution the way they hate/resent their parent's authority.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ģ

09/05/2019, 00:15:57

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i think there is a direct projection onto all authority by many leftists, of their own semi-conscious enmity toward emotionally unavailable, cold parents.†

So they hear their despised parents' voices any time they hear the word "no" or are otherwise denied permission to do or be something they want.†

When leftists don't get what they want (are convince they need) they panic because they feel unloved again. That causes feelings of desperation and loathing for anyone or anything that is an element in triggering those terrible feelings.

Though they would seldom admit it (especially to themselves) most leftists I have come to know are (forgive me) broken. Their gravtation to leftist anti-conservative fanatic ideology is an expression of general malaise in their mind and soul.

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