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Free and good computer cleanup program
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Posted by: robertb

09/04/2019, 00:26:52

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There have been a few threads that talk about PC that are running slowly and questions on cleanup.

The free version of this program is excellent. It does 'one-click' fixes for lots of stuff. I highly recommend it. It is simple, works well, is safe, and easy to use.

The only caveat I would give is the option in it to do software updates for other programs for you. This will show you things that have updates not installed. That is fine. However, allowing a third party to do updates to other things is one of the easiest exploits out there. I have no reason to think this does that, but I distrust this option as a general rule. Always update an app from only the app manufacture.

A great program that does a lot of things to keep your PC running well.

I have installed this on my in-laws' computers. and for them I always give the advice of if the computer prompts "Are you sure?" the answer is "NO"

Note that going into the individual options allows you to do things that a novice could hurt themselves, but the standard 'repair issues' works without any problems I have found in the several years I have used this.

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