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The assault on the People by the Elitists trying to convert the U.S. government into a one-party political institution is on-going.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/03/2019, 16:44:29

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One of the most detestable, dangerous things about leftists is their insatiable hunger for more and more power. In their more honest moments, most of them realize that what they really want for our nation is nothing even remotely resembling a free-representative Contitutional republic - they want a leftist oligarchy with them running it where government force is used to outlaw virtually everything they dislike while expressly authorizing everything else that they DO like.

Largely and increasingly leftists have little or no use for the institution upon which the name of their party-of-choice is based.

The Europeans have it correct in this regard. If a U.S. citizen goes to Europe and someone asks what political party they belong to and they answer "Democrat", the response they will likely get is, "Oh, so you are a socialist". THEY know. They will likely chuckle if someone objects to that description even if they are sympathetic. Even supporters of socialism know that the U.S. political system won't acknowledge its own socialist doctrines/philosophy.

Europeans know that socialism is what the U.S. Democrat party is selling - radical, revolutionary socialism at this point -heading toward 100% taxation and a defacto suspension/neutralization of the U.S. Constitution.

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