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Not just "social media" more like "socialist media".
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/03/2019, 16:33:22

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There is no sense holding back - calling entities like Facebook, Twitter and other leftist-owned and operated social media "socialist media" is likely a lot closer to the truth than to refer to them as "objective".

The good news is that most people who don't much use socialist media KNOW that they are socialist. However many who do frequently use those platforms to stay current with information and news, are somewhat naive about it.

That's why more scrutiny needs to take place in exactly this form. The fact that the leftist mass media is so horribly upset/angry about it is more evidence that it is exactly what is needed.

If it didn't bother them, they would ignore it. Instead, they are trying to marshal public opinion (which already mistrusts them as highly biased toward leftists) with feckless appeals based on the pathetic lie that they are "objective" and that DJT et al, are trying to "stifle the truth".

As is always the case these days, it is exactly the opposite of what leftists say - conservatives defending themselves against socialist mass media are merely trying to neutralize the endless, ceaseless flood of mendacity, deception, psychotic hatred / misinformation which spews from the maw of the Beast of Leftist Mass Media every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

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