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"The case is still under investigation" translation: The cops are still trying to find something to charge the "vigilante" with in order to punish him for defending himself.
Re: "After the 15-year-old and his 22-year-old brother forced entry into the subject's mobile home, officers said he shot both of them with a 30-30 rifle." - Heh-heh. Yup. That'll git'er done. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/03/2019, 16:17:18

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Many LEOs don't much like it when citizens "take the law into their own hands". It makes the community look unprotected.
Gee, imagine that.

The Founders understood the basic reality of life - that no amount of law enforcement in any community will create a situation where self defense will not at least occasionally have to be invoked by people in the community.

Modern hoplophobes, being almost totally ignorant of the history of law enforcement or the factors involved in it, make dozens of incorrect assumptions when they seek legislation to "control" or "reform" (i.e, eliminate) guns.

The unspoken rule for LEOs is that anyone who uses a firearm to shoot someone in self-defense will surely have LEOs crawl up their ass with a microscope rather than give them a high-five.

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