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I know most of you will disagree with me, especially Russ and TEE. However, I'm changing and maybe even bragging at this point. I'm not totally there yet, but beginning to understand
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Posted by: Dee W. ®

09/03/2019, 11:21:03

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My son believes young men should be ready for just about anything. He began the trips at a young age in learning to live outdoors in all weather conditions, being self-sufficient in as much as they can and taught them repelling, parcouring for dexterity, mountain biking and the value of hard work. He also believes they should all know how to handle firearms. (One of them won 2nd place in a 2A competition) I, on the other hand, hated all except the firearms training, because the rest of it looked dangerous. That’s just me.

Well, they’re older now, juniors in HS and getting ready for college. They saved their money and purchased nasty old 1986 vehicles and have jobs to pay for their insurance and continuous need for auto parts.

Now, two of the three (the twins), decided, much to my dismay, to join their HS football team. I believe football is dangerous. They work, have football practice early in the a.m. in 110 degree weather and show up whenever practice takes place. They never followed football!

At any rate, I’m not a football fan, and wanted nothing to do with it, but finally watched video of a game. My boys were tackling and running with the ball. But what I noticed most of all, was the crowd on our side, constantly  cheering both of them!  Add to that, they are so popular at school and especially with the girls even though, mom and dad will have none of it at this early age. They work so well together. The coach absolutely loves them. I now kind of understand what my son was trying to do to harden them. I also understand what men, and some women, like about football. I think I may be relenting on my feelings….

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