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The anti-conservative fanatics (about 1/5 of the population at most) have decided the nation's Founding was illegitimate because they were not perfect human beings in every way.
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09/03/2019, 06:13:06

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That is the "perfect guru" complex so many ACFs are stuck with - also known in the psychological lexicon as "splitting". The principle "Splits" the world into categories of  "all good" and "all bad" with no shading or other demarcations. Generally such thinking is viewed as problematic, because it fosters a general schism from the realities of everyday life and free will. 
Totalitarian regimes like the muzz (Sunni Salafist/Shiia Twelvers) terrorists, radical revolutionary socialists (Communists) and other despotic regimes make a big deal about "ideological purity". They became (are) so focused on purity that they forget how often pursuit of the perfect is the enemy of the good. 

There are few better examples of, "throwing the baby out with the bath," than the purity doctrines of the Commies and the terrorist muzz. 

The commies spent the better part of the first ten years of their reign (after deposing the supposedly inferior Tzarist regime) rounding up, subjugating, imprisoning, torturing and murdering those whom the Ruling Class had declared "ideologically impure". 

Among the victorious Bolshevik's first executive actions after the White Revolution succeeded was to declare that the pro-democracy element of their ranks were "impure" and "counter-revolutionary" and murdering them by the thousands. 

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