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The dirty little secret of so-called "diversity" is that it generally degenerates into feckless chaos.
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09/02/2019, 16:38:03

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The Old Addage that good fences make good neighbors is born out by studies of how nations with "diverse" political voices due to large immigrant populations are largely ungovernable. 

To make progress for a culture, there must be a forward-looking momentum based on free-markets and civilized cultural values that are shared by most of the citizens.

The  nations which have the most "diverse" political constituencies are invariably the ones with the most paralysis, fecklessness, chaos and chronic problem.

Nations in which there are only one or two dominant political entities competing for power are the most efficient at getting things done for their People. 

The nations which have "coalition governments" (PTUI!!) and multitudinous political parties all competing for power are the most troubled, least productive and seemingly least governable (prone to chaos / stagnation).

So in that sense, too much diversity is not a strength of a nation, it is a weakness.

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