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Old habits die hard!! (rolls eyes)
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/02/2019, 16:14:17

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The casual glamourous way the firearms are portrayed in the mass media is nothing less than obscene.

The level of seriousness required to handle firearms safely is beyond the average person who does nothing but watch T.V. for information.

Anyone who becomes a fire-arms owner without having a mentor to teach them the seriousness of using guns, is at a serious risk for not taking them seriously enough.

Cacogens (like the guy above sound like) do not have the proper attention span nor self-discipline to understand that the rules of handling firearms are not merely advice - THEY ARE RULES TO BE FOLLOWED RELIGIOUSLY!!!

Since most cacogens only really worship Satan (or some other idiotic quasi-deity that exists only in their imagination) they are largely incapable of being serious-minded enough to handle firearms safely.

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