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If you really wanna know, go to The Tech Guy and check the library.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/02/2019, 16:05:17

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Leo LaPort(e) THE tech guy surely has something about it.

My own feeling is that it's not going to work for most people - the speed of the OS is not the dominant factor any more for the real speed of the system. It's the speed of the operating system/network on the OTHER side of whatever you are doing that determine how fast your applications/programs will run.

Virtually everything we do now on computers (except the most elementary functions) involve links to the Net (i.e. machines/servers somewhere on the Net).

Leo often says that data through-put (DSL or cable or fiber) determine the real speed of what is done mostly, not the internal speed of the OS or even the CPU.

Most computers are plenty fast enough for whatever the user needs, unless one is doing something that requires a lot of data-crunching (video games which requires a big video card) or downloading of a lot of data (which requires a higher-speed data throughput connection).

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