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Excellent comment: 'The crisis is over-reporting of statistically rare events," by leftist mass media to misrepresent reality
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/02/2019, 15:55:10

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The anti-conservative mass media lie so much and so often, that they can't even keep track of their own lies anymore.

I used to joke about how "virtually everything the anti-conservative fanatic mass media report is exactly the opposite of reality," but as is so often the case, they have fully exceeded that now.

We are entering the first decades of the Age of Insanity, where things that are insane are not only to be tolerated (says the left) they are to be promoted, supported, defended, and made the law of the land by force of government.

Whatever the anti-conservative movement may lack, unmitigated, apocalyptic gall is not one of them.

They are caught lying time and again, yet the greatest most-oft repeated lie is about how much lying those who oppose them strongly supposedly do.

The 2 million people per year who defend themselves against violent crime directly each year mean ABOLUTELY NOTHING to elitists who are protected behind strng walls by lots of people with guns.Hmm. Imagine that!

Two of the things that far leftists are most opposed to (walls and firearms) are ubiquitous to every ruling class residence or enclave. Hmmm.

One set of laws for thee and another for me and my Elitist Cronies, eh?

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