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Note to racist Commie hoe Debra Messing: actors and others in "creative professions" ten times more-likely to develop or have severe emotional illness.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/01/2019, 08:08:37

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Numerous recent and long-standing published studies  which examine the incidence of severe emotional illness in various professions found that there was a significantly higher risk for people whose professions are "creative" including actors, directors, musicians, writers, poets, dancers, photographers or T.V. personalities (reality-show participants). 

'Just thought Debra Messing, (who recently stated publicly that she believed any black person who was a conservative or who voted for Donald Trump, was emotionally disturbed) should know that before she goes around spewing racist hate about black people who don't share her Communist viewpoint.  

God, won't somebody PLEASE murder that fag hag along with her gay "boyfriend"!!If they did, I promise that I will do a little jig of grief. 

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