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I'm talking about long-term visions for a brighter future.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/31/2019, 14:46:00

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Leftists (Marxists) talk about a Worker's Paradise where everything is free.

Conservatives need to counter that BS with realistic visions of a future such as imagined by R. Buckminster Fuller - a world where one need only work because one is the best at what one does (as on a military mission). The Human Race is approaching or has already reached the technological capability of providing everyone born enough credit for life to have one's biological needs met (food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment, security) without impinging on the culture's productivity in any way.

The Federation in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe, SF authoer Ursula K. Le Guin's Ecumenical Foundation, some of Heinlein's hypothetical societies all share a real-wealth-based economic structure.

It's unwieldy in the formative phase because monetary systems are complex and unstable if improperly managed, but Fuller thought it was a workable problem.

If we tell people that we're working toward a world where nobody works for their basic biological needs unless they want to, that is at least as appealing as getting a bunch of government hand-outs instead of holding a decent place in the meritocracy.

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