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Ask Lucy - I wear diapers on seismology.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/31/2019, 14:27:14

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Lucy one of the top Caltech seismologists (semi-retired) probably has spoken or written about it. Lucy is the one you see on T.V. whenever there is a quake in California - talking to the media.

I know that living on the Ring of Fire means that one must hope for the best and plan for the worst. Many (most) large quakes have epicenters miles below the ground so observing the conditions is extremely difficult for those of us on the surface.

Only God knows what might happen to the ports if a major quake hit beneath the ground. Prolly be a lot of damage to buildings (older ones especially) infrastructure and such - fires, road collapses (like in every major quake) but beyond that being by the ocean probably will make little difference.

Those who work around stacked shipping containers, up on these huge cranes (like in the beginning of the movie The War of the World (Speilberg version) or loading/unloading when it hits will be most at risk of being killed or seriously injured.

Generally there are five high-risk groups in big quakes so if a person is not in one of them, they will likely be fine.

-Vehicles moving at high speed on highways (traffic accidents injuries)
- People in buildings that are not up to fire code (aftermath fires)
- People in buildings that are not upt to code (unreinforced block or brick buildings, or those not at least bolted to the foundation
-People who are not taking their heart medicine who need it to avoid infarctions
- People on elevated work areas that are unstable (scaffolds, stacked material, high-standing equipment, moving unbalanced loads, capital equipment in precarious places)

So that's six, not five.

The seventh might be anyone foolish enough to try to cause me trouble when law enforcement is temporarily unable to respond to emergency calls. They will very likely die screaming, with regret in their hearts if they do.

Once that balloon goes up due to anarchy, the rifle and scope come out along with the rest of the armory and it's two legged rat season 24/7.

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