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Correct! being more concerned with verbal behavior than overt behavior is infantile.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/31/2019, 06:17:24

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That's like saying someone who speaks rudely but whose actions are helpful, positive and beneficial is a worse person than someone who speaks comforting lies, but slips the knife in when nobody is looking.

The issue is verbal vs. overt behavior.

We need to take a clue from the way psychotherapists look at the world - they weigh the verbal behavior of their patients as about one-tenth as important as their overt behavior.

A man for instance, who occasionally has lapses of verbal things like courtesy, sensitivity or emotional support, yet goes to work 80 hours a week, and manages to kiss his children and wife goodnight every evening, is seen as vastly more-well adjusted than a man who cheats on his wife, conceals income from her, and avoids any responsibility for directly caring for their children while saying "all the right, sweet, kind loving things," in the meantime, as excuse/diversions from his incipient neglect.

Verbal behavior is about one-tenth as important as overt behavior to therapists.

The evangelicals need to take a clue from psychologists here. The written word is feckless and impotent without the Spirit.

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