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Commonality of purpose is the basis for right fellowship with others." I Ching
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/29/2019, 14:59:57

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One reason cacogenic anti-conservative fanatics cannot be worked with is that they are absolutists - who consider those who disagree with or oppose them strongly to be sub-human, worthy of nothing but bad things, up to an including violent injury or murder.

When people refuse to acknowledge the reality of commonality of interest (pretend that their fellow Americans are unworthy of any respect, cooperation or good things of any kind) they make adversaries into enemies.

By definition one does not work with or cooperate with enemies. One either subjugates, imprisons or destroys enemies.

The modern left has taken the same track that the Soviet Union and the International Communist Conspiracy took toward those who stood against their beliefs - they (we) should only be either dominated, subjugated or destroyed utterly.

That's why we need to REUAGE!!

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