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Like Nazis, Communists, despots of all stripes, lefitsts always rest on a foundation of belief that they and their allies are vastly superior morally to anyone who disagrees with or opposes them strongly.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/29/2019, 14:52:34

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So they always feel entitled therefore, to use any and all means/methods to accomplish their goals, even if they are illegal, immoral or horribly, lethally destructive.

Absolutism and the horrible licentiousness it permits is the hallmark of leftism as much as poison is the hallmark of Gila Monsters. Where there is one will always be found the other. Selah.

I have no doubt that if most anti-conservative fanatics could get away with it, they would round up and murder every single human being who opposes radical revolutionary socialism. The only condition they would demand is that they personally would not be required to do the murdering.

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