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The greater threat is the GOP's failure to present inspiring visions for the future to compete with Radical Socialist BS.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/29/2019, 14:27:58

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That's why it is essential in my view for conservatives to UNDERSTAND WHY capitalism is the best friend radical socialists ever had - because free market capitalism brings improvement to economic conditions for the least prosperous of the world - IOW it makes real all of the stated aspirations of radical socialism (major improvement in quality of life for the "downtrodden").

I have never once heard any conservative articulate this reality on a public forum of any kind.

The fact is that any socialist who was really serious about improving the quality of life of people on the lowest economic levels of our world would be free market capitalists.

There is no greater single driver of improvement of life for poor people all over the world than free-market capitalism. None.

Yet this reality has only really be expressed with any sort of meaningful, inspiring skill by R. Buckminster Fuller in his book Critical Path.

Bucky has been dead for nearly 50 years now (RIP) and still nobody has picked up on his brilliance as a conservative/capitalist thinker.

It's weird how little attention Fuller has received for his philosophical brilliance. He was in the truest sense a legitimate polymath - a vastly smarter person that 99% of Humanity.

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