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Smack down of leftist troll on Fox News science article comment.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/29/2019, 14:07:07

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There is an article on Fox News about a quantum effect of large bodies and time. It's one of those articles that propose possibly bizarre effects (time reversal in this case) out in deep space.

In the comments section, a troll that calls itself "Smajon" (anti-conservative fanatics always have weird screen names for some reason) posted an insult toward conservatives to which I replied:

"Yes. I have never met a proponent of AGW for instance (always an anti-conservative fanatic) who was not wearing diapers on Physical Geographical Science. The only thing leftists are experts in is the field of Opinionology, which is the use of one highly biased, fact-sparse subjective opinion to validate another. Smajon is likely another one of them - an ignoramus who seeks to pry the boat of his own wrecked self-esteem off the rocks by denigrating others."

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