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hah hah "FAIR???" from one of the most corrupt presidents in modern history, talk of fairness.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/28/2019, 12:32:18

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God, what an insufferable egomaniac. He weaponizes the federal government including law enforcement and judicial branch, then wants to advise others on "fairness". Great. Thanks.

No doubt the Nobel Prize went straight to the Eightball's head. That cacogen is one of the most horrible, obvious, predictable narcissists I have ever seen in politics.

The degree of self-love yea, self-adoration that fool and his "wife" demonstrate is an on-going obscenity.

With DJT, much or most of the bravado is contrives, a persona he projects as part of how he does business/politics. With the Eightball Obama, he truly BELIEVES he is a vastly superior human being to everyone else on the planet and acts on that supposition. The Eightball actually BELIEVES all of the BS others in love with him say about him. 'Sort of like Jim Morrison eventually started believing all of the grandiose "you are a Messiah" crap that his "entourage" was telling him before he killed himself with heroin.

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