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More details on DJT's interest in Greenland.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/28/2019, 12:05:12

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Some of the back-story to our nation's interest in possibly buying Greenland.

Greenland was one of the only nations in the region to reject invitation to join the EU. Unlike Denmark, its de facto ruler (in legal technicality only) Greenland maintains almost total autonomy from the dictates of the EU.

Recent political changes (leaning toward emulating the USA in more-conservative, pro-development policies) has opened up formation of companies to drill for and process fossil fuels. 
Recent formation of companies to mine rubies and rare earth metals have attracted investment from the ChiComs. 

In light of the above latter two developments, the USA would LOVE to push China out of the picture and replace Chinese investment with U.S. investment in extracting rare earths and precious stones etc. China hold most of the world's reserves of rare earths so vital for high-tech applications. 

Getting Greenland's development under the economic control of the US would be a blow to China's effort to expand their influence into other regions of the world far from China. 

There are so few people in Greenland (less than 60,000) that it is an attractive place for China to look to import its own population. 

Lst but perhaps best, Greenland is also the spot where scientists discovered what could be one of the most damaging bodies of evidence about the fallacy of AGW. The deepest ice-cores in the history of science were obtained from permafrost in Greenland - enabling analysis going back 100,000 years - long before human beings became a significant influence in any way on the global Terran ecosystem.

The cores revealed that temperatures have fluctuated dramatically throughout history in cycles of increase and decline. This is a pattern which by all appearances has not significantly altered after the dawn of the Industrial Age. 

So Greenland has inadvertently provided  some of the most objective, irrefutable, compelling evidence of the fallacy of AGW and again highlights how AGW is not even valid enough to be called a theory, because all the strong empirical and observational evidence points to refutation of the carbon-forcing process which is key to the AGW speculative conjecture.

Theories must have both observational and experimental evidence to sustain their viability. If neither historical evidence such as the Greenland ice-cores, physical geographical mathematics-based models  using carbon forcing as a baseline, nor temperature measurements (going back to the existence of reliable thermometers) substantiate a conjecture, it cannot be elevated to the level of a theory. 

Theories can be tested by all of the means mentioned above, but since none of the projections of changes in global temperature have been accurate using AGW models, none of the historical evidence shows significant changes in average temperature correlated to anthopogenic effects (industrialization),  and no experiments have validated radiative carbon forcing (foundation of AGW) a speculative conjecture (at best) AGW shall remain. 

Thanks Greenland. Those of us who still like to base our scientific opinions of genuine facts instead of fake news, are very grateful for the objective information Danish scientists have provided in their work out of Greenland. 

AGW is BS. Purely and absolutely. Marxism disguised as "science". 

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