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Re: One of the items not understood by the Left is that they have watered it down so much, that word no longer means anything. -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/28/2019, 04:56:17

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What most leftists mean when they use the term "racist" is "racialist". a racist is someone who consciously, openly makes negative moral judgments about people's character/worth as human beings based solely upon their racial derivation.

A racialist is merely someone who gives excessive, inordinate or an unusually great amount of weight to racial elements in policy-making. Most leftist, anti-conservative fanatics are racialists, but too many are out-and-out racists, who wish for and act to bring harm, injury, loss and destruction to (white) people solely because of their race.

The "white privilege" movement is actually a reverse racist movement designed to provide intellectualisms posthate to attempt to justify anti-White racism as part-in-parcel of a Marxist dialectic. One of the beliefs of Marxism is that all Capitalist economies are unjust - especially those in white majority nations. Selah!

Marx/Lenin wrote much about trying to destroy capitalist nations by demoralizing, demonizing normal people, law enforcement, non-leftist government officials. The use of "moral arguments" involving race-centered guilt as a means to foment widespread chaos, discontent, violent civil conflict (or all-out-race-war) and eventually the collapse of Western capitalist nations.

Not particularly reassuring that the modern democrat party is following the intent of Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto in this and many other regards.

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