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Interesting that (forgive me) urination is a recurring theme in regard to this principle.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/28/2019, 02:40:44

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Hogg is about as close to a pure-bred cacogen as I think I have ever seen. He seems to be almost completely worthless, almost by his own design.

Ruined human beings are becoming largely and increasingly the standard bearers for anti-conservatives.

It's sort of like, "If I can or won't remove my warts, I'll simply dress them up and behave as if I'm proud of them. "

Hogg will probably commit suicide some day - and in his note, he will seek PVS (permanent victim status) as his epitaph, as do so many other leftist anti-conservative non-entities.

It seems that they only feel powerful when they are destroying something - either someone else or themselves.

Like the savages that worshiped Kali in one of those Raiders of the Lost Arc movies. Reveling in self-destruction, cruelty and sadism. The very foundation of Satanism.

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