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NYT is a victim of cacogenic stupidity.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/28/2019, 00:23:21

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They and so many other leftist news entities bet the farm on the idea that they could "get" Donald Trump with the vast conspiracy they and their various agents contrived, and now, they have reaped the whirlwind.

Natural Law is a bitch-and-a-half, eh?

Print journalism has been riding the downward curve for many years now. Instead of allocating resources and planning for the future, these poorly-run businesses fumbled and stumbled around like idiots without a clue.

It is blatantly obvious that the print journalism industry (largely leftist) was counting on the election of Hill-O-Lies to bail them out. They likely were told behind the scenes that as soon as the Bitch got elected, she would see to it that the money river of gummint handouts would be redirected to "save" their business by giving them "financial support" (free money disguised as "public interest funds").

I noticed when several newspaper publishers floated the notion many years ago (as the red ink started showing up more and more on their quarterly reports), that it would be appropriate and necessary for the federal government to "step in" and "help" the newspaper industry the way it had the auto industry.

That idea never got any traction of course, but we have all learned that if one thing is true of 'Crats, it's that no bad idea ever dies in the minds of 'Crat planners and social-justice fanatics.

It would have been wholly expected that Hill-O-Lies would have opened the government coffers and doled out hundreds of millions of dollars to her allies in the leftist newspaper industry using the excuse that to do so was "in the public interest".

Again, the Equation requires only the changing of the word "public" in he above statement to "democrat party" to become wholly and absolutely true.

So by using the Reversal Equation, simply flip the term "rightwing" to "leftwing" and their statement becomes true. They buried and stepped on that landmine all by themselves.

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