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Largely and increasingly, everything the 'Crats claim and believe is exactly the opposite from reality.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/28/2019, 00:10:52

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It is possible to suss the genuine nature of 'Crats and all anti-conservative fanatics simply by reversing the positives and negatives, and the personal pronouns, in any of their statements.

For example, the 'Crat statement that, "Trump and his supporters are the greatest danger to the United States of America," becomes true as soon as you replace the words "Trump and his supporters" to, "Democrat party leaders and their supporters".

Also, Donald Trump and his supporters are racists" becomes true as soon as you replace "Donald Trump and his supporters" with "Democrat leaders and their supporters".

When anti-conservative fanatics say, "The Democrat party is dedicated to protecting and defending the interests of the American People," the statement becomes true when the words "protecting and defending" are changed to "victimizing and attacking".

It's simple. REUAGE!!

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