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The 'Crat candidates are all now saying, "forcible rape is good for the economy" and we all need to be tolerant of it.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/28/2019, 00:03:58

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Every degradation inflicted upon our culture fomented, enabled, perpetuated and protected by anti-conservative fanatics is labeled "new normal". 

The Eightball wrecked the economy so the 'Crat propaganda machinery went to work convincing people economic depression was "the new normal". 

About six months of reversals of 'Crat economic policies changed that. 

So then, the 'Crats went to work trying to convince everyone that there really wasn't any economic progress and besides it was all getting better only because the Eightball "laid the groundwork" which DJT only "cashed in". heh 

So their argument was, "there is no economic progress and besides the credit for it belongs to us." and expected people to swallow it. People didn't,  only 'Crats did - and they are not human beings, so...REUAGE!!

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