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Straight out of Rules for Radicals
Re: Correcting Hurtful and Alienating Names in Government Expression (CHANGE) Act, H.R. 3776 - Up yours, Castro. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/25/2019, 23:39:12

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almost a verbatim quote _ choose terms, words, rhetoric that supports the "Cause, and puts any discussion on the terms of your own dialectic (Marxist dialectic).

People who don't understand a dialectic will not understand how this works in an election or over time. IOW, control what is said and complain about anything negative that is said about leftists and other anti-conservatives on any moral ground you can come up with.

catch them committing murder, they complain bitterly about the term "murderer" while never denying that they actually murdered someone. IOW, make the debate about something other than the crime or criminal's actions/character.

Distract, distort, divert, diminish, digress, disrupt any conversation about things that put leftists/anti-conservative fanatics in bad light.

That's the strategery (sic) behind being eternally offended. if caught red-handed switch the discussion to how offended you are about having someone called a "murderer". IOW, change the subject and establish Certified Victim Status.

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