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John Kyl? What the hell else would you expect from a 'moderate'?
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

08/25/2019, 16:48:45

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Conservatives reject Facebook's instructions to 'pound sand' - WND

WND Staff
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A report authorized by Facebook concluded the company has taken "some steps" to address the censorship concerns of conservatives.

But it fell short of even beginning to address the real problem.

That's according to a new statement released by nearly two dozen conservative leaders.

"Facebook has listened to the conservative movement's complaints and in response has invited us to pound said," said the statement by Media Research Center President Brent Bozell and others.

The Facebook report, compiled by former Republican Sen. Jon Kyl, said the company has more work to do but offered little else of substance.

Bozell targeted Facebook's "failure to address conservatives' concerns that the social media giant is censoring their content."

Facebook has admitted it changed its algorithms. As a result, some conservative websites have lost most of their traffic.

Bozell and others in MRC's Free Speech Alliance said: "Former Sen. Jon Kyl's audit investigating Facebook's anti-conservative bias is not only disappointing, it completely fails to address the many concerns and specific examples of bias raised by the conservative movement. Kyl spent more than a year hearing the concerns of reportedly 130 conservative groups, and in turn, shockingly left us with a hollow report devoid of substantive policy proposals. This audit is exactly the opposite of what conservatives were hoping for.

"Facebook has listened to the conservative movement's complaints and in response has invited us to pound sand. It's insulting but unsurprising. Unfortunately, this is how Facebook routinely responds to criticism.

"No conservative leader or organization should accept this as a legitimate response to the undeniable issues we have raised. This is purely another superficial attempt by Facebook to placate conservatives with empty promises.

Besides Bozell, it was signed by Christie-Lee McNally of Free Our Internet & Raven Strategies, Elaine Donnelly of Center for Military Readiness, Justin Danhof of National Center for Public Policy Research, Sandy Rios of American Family Radio, Amy Kremer of Women for Trump, Charlie Copeland of Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Frank Lasée of The Heartland Institute, Tim Wildmon of American Family Association, William A. Donohue, Ph.D., of Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Lewis K. Uhler of National Tax Limitation Committee, Joseph R. Gregory of Gregory Management Company, C. Preston Noell III of Tradition, Family, Property. Inc., David Kupelian of WND, Richard A. Viguerie of, Rod Martin of The Martin Organization, Austin Ruse of Center for Family and Human Rights, Allen West of Media Research Center, Lady Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America, Everett Piper, PhD., of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Floyd Brown of The Western Journal, Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D., of 1st District of Kansas, R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. of The American Spectator, Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots Action and Gene Mills of Louisiana Family Forum.

Politico reported the eight-page interim report "doesn't come to a definitive conclusion about whether bias exists on the platform, but appears designed to quell mounting accusations by GOP leaders, including President Donald Trump, that the social network suppresses right-leaning views."

When it was released, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., called it "a smokescreen disguised as a solution."

He has proposed subjecting internet companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter to a political neutrality test.

"Facebook should conduct an actual audit by giving a trusted third party access to its algorithm, its key documents, and its content moderation protocols," Hawley said. "Then Facebook should release the results to the public.”

WND reported at the time the document was released that the committee found Facebook had taken "some steps" to curb censorship but much more work remains.

Along with the change in its news feed algorithm,Facebook formed a panel of "fact-checkers" comprised of mostly left-leaning organizations, including Snopes, PolitiFact and the Associated Press.

Also of concern are the company's "hate" speech designations, with Facebook labeling some First Amendment-protected content as "hate speech.

WND long has reported on the bias of tech companies, including in February when Bozell and a coalition of conservative groups asked Attorney General William Barr to investigate.

"Such sweeping power, combined with near monopolistic dominance in the marketplace, and in conjunction with deep one-sided liberal partisan bias within all the organizations, is cause for alarm," a letter said.

Bozell said the tech giants "present a threat not merely to conservatives in the United States, but indeed our free market economic system and the very viability of the U.S. political system."


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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