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YEAH! What HE said! - Mychal Massie
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

08/13/2019, 16:12:20

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Resist gun-grabbing neo-Leninists - WND

Mychal Massie
7-9 minutes

Changing the definition of something is a Machiavellian and evil machination used by neo-Leninist politicians to mislead the citizenry into believing something that deprives us of our constitutional rights is good for us. That is exactly what malicious politicians and the corrupt organizations operating at their beck and call are doing in their commitment to deprive us of our Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.” Let me explain as simply as I can.

They are using the mass shootings, which proliferated exponentially immediately after Obama was elected in 2008, (See: “Obama: The Mouth Who Loves To Hear Itself Talk,”, Aug. 8, 2019), as the cause célèbre to demand all AR-15 rifles be outlawed. And they are doing it by redefining the truthful definition of “assault rifle.” Following that sleight of hand, ignorant uninformed marplots masquerading as intellectuals are presented on equally uninformed and dishonest news and talk programming to further mislead the uninformed public.

Only a complete unmitigated idiot would fall for the dishonest efforts of pathetic and desperate, gun-grabbing, neo-Leninist politicians. And here’s why.

The AR-15s that have been used in the mass shootings are not assault rifles – they are tricked out .22 rifles. That’s right; the overwhelming majority of the AR-15s purchased by “John Q. Public” shoot .223 bullets, which are the bullets great-grandpa used in his .22 rifle. The purposely misleading conversation about the number of rounds, i.e., bullets the cartridge magazines can hold, are just that – purposely misleading.

Growing up, my .22 rifle with the tubular magazine held 12 rounds, (some models held more). They were loaded directly into the rifle. The rifle didn’t use a magazine like those gun-grabbers argue are threatening specifically because they hold 12 or 15 bullets.

Adolf Hitler originated the term “assault rifle” and brandished it for propaganda purposes. Specific to the originator, it doesn’t take imagination to understand when neo-Leninist politicians and their media lapdogs insist upon misidentifying the AR-15. Add to the ignorance the fact “assault rifle” sounds much more sinister than “fancy .22 rifle.”

An assault rifle has been defined forever as a: A select-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and has a detachable magazine. Select-fire simply means the military person or law-enforcement officer can choose to shoot the gun as automatic or semi-automatic.

The appearance is not what makes a rifle lethal; it’s the person. Case-in-point: A Heineken bottle is as lethal as a lemonade pitcher. But if you change the definition based upon the lemonade pitcher having a handle, nefarious individuals can construct arguments for outlawing lemonade pitchers over a certain size.

The Pontiac Fiero, a two-seater mid-engined sports car, was manufactured in the mid-1980s. The car was a disaster for Pontiac – but it was quickly discovered that by removing the body, the Fiero chassis was a perfect fit for kit cars. There were numerous kits available, one of the most popular being the Lamborghini Countach model. Thus for very nominal dollars a person could have a “fake” exotic sports car. I can make a Ford Mustang look exactly like a dragster by tricking out the outside and adding racing features inside the car; but if I have the smallest six-cylinder available for the engine, all I have is a fake dragster.

It’s no different with the AR-15 rifle. However, as is the practice with everything neo-Leninists oppose, the first thing they do is change the definition, and sadly, dictionary publishers willingly appease them.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary redefined the “assault rifle” apart from the original definition listed above, which defined assault rifle as being “select-fire,” into: “A rifle that resembles a military assault rifle but is designed to allow only semi-automatic fire.

The reason for this is because it is virtually if not literally impossible to obtain a fully automatic weapon of any kind in America – be it a true assault rifle, a sub-machine gun or even handgun – unless you are in the military or a branch of law enforcement that permits same, e.g., S.W.A.T. teams.

Fully-automatic weapons are no longer manufactured in America, nor are they permitted to be imported since 1986, which is in compliance with the NFA 1936, which stopped the production of fully automatic machine guns, if memory serves me correctly.

Since that time it isn’t illegal for lawful enthusiasts and collectors to own them, but cost alone disqualifies 99.9 percent of the public. In order to own one of these highly desirable works of art, the purchaser must have a background check just as if they were buying any other gun, but they must also obtain a “Class 3 Tax Stamp,” which the last I heard were running $200. There is also the wait. I personally know people who have waited and are waiting at this very minute for nearly a full year to receive the requisite paperwork to legally own a fully automatic gun.

Then you must be able to pay for a fully automatic gun, if you can find one for sale. As I pointed out, they’re no longer manufactured in America, nor is it legal to import them into the country. Thus if you can find a collector willing to sell one of these prized pieces, prices will range from $10,000 to $60,000 and more depending on what kind of machine gun, rifle or handgun you’re looking to add to your collection.

Not all gun-grabbing politicians are smart enough to know this, but those on their staff are, and the so-called media, which are nothing more than bureaus of agitprop, refuse to report the facts. This is exactly what the extremists want.

They want the public to make decisions based upon emotions and induced hysteria, not the facts – and guns are easy targets.

Extreme draconian measures aren’t taken to stop drunk drivers. Have you heard dialogue demanding that every car have a Breathalyzer installed and everyone who has had two drinks will be unable to start the vehicle? Since most drunk-driving fatalities happen at night, have you heard these same people demanding all serving of alcohol stop at 6 p.m.? There is nothing positive about prostitution and human trafficking, but that has done nothing to motivate gun-grabbers to support protecting our southern border.

Another question that demands an answer is: “Where were these very same people when the Obama administration orchestrated the illegal international gun-running operation named ‘Fast and Furious’ along the Mexican border?” Guns from that illegal operation were sold to drug cartels that used them to murder Mexican officials, American border agents and innocent citizens. Obama should consider that before he spouts his commie-mouth off about taking guns from nearly 100 million law-abiding citizens.

It is my hope that President Trump does not allow himself to be coerced into making a mistake on the Second Amendment, which we could seen as him letting us down.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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