Fredo is just makin' stuff up.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/13/2019, 03:33:31

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When Cuomo flipped out 'cause someone called him "Fredo" he overreacted the way people do when you hit a nerve. 

Wow. Calm down Fredo, put that gun away.

He tried to play the victim while threatening to murder the guy (I'll throw you down the stairs!!) by making up the lie that calling someone Fredo is some sort of well-known ethnic slur "equivalent to nigger". 

It's not. He just made that up. 

Just like something Howard Stern would do at his best. 

Hey, Chris! You're a fucking multi-millionaire, calm down. 

You're proving that you ARE Fredo!! heh  ya' stupid WOP!!

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