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There is a victim.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/12/2019, 23:06:42

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The man who killed the robber will feel significant upheaval in his psyche, if he is normal.

It is not a small thing to take a human life - at least for normal people.

There is a vast ocean of unconscious doubt, remorse, regret, moralizing, judgment that resides just below the surface which will erupt into consciousness.

It is important to deal with this powerful force which forces itself into consciousness. The Unconscious mind is like a universe unto itself - with its own laws, judgments and punishments.

CG Jung said that to function as a moral being requires that a person act as their own prosecutor and defense attorney, judge jury and carnifex.

sometimes the Unconscious is divinely wise and others diabolically wicked. It rescues and condemns men every day.

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