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"President Trump never engages the enemy without first winning the battle." - And it drives Pelosi et al NUTZ.
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Posted by: TEEBONE

08/12/2019, 10:32:48

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Trump just beat Democrats on guns

3-4 minutes

On Thursday, as Matt Drudge and the Washington Post tried to create a split between President Donald John Trump and the NRA, I told readers "Don't go Ann Coulter over a Washington Post story."

The Post, a toy owned by the richest man in the world, wrote, "Trump warned by NRA over background checks."

In response, I calmly wrote, "The important thing to remember is President Trump is taking the NRA's calls. They are in on the negotiations. I would rather not add a law and maybe President Trump is making the liberals an offer they cannot accept. He did that with the DREAMers."

Ah yes, in September 2017, the Ann Coulters of the world declared President Trump sold them out on amnesty. I wrote, "No, Trump did not cave."

Two years later, amnesty is not only dead but no one talks about it. I'll explain later why I got it and smarter people than me did not.

But first, let us look at this latest battle.

USA Today reported, "President Donald Trump said on Friday that congressional leaders are talking about new 'meaningful background checks' for gun buyers but with input from the National Rifle Association and other gun groups that oppose current legislative proposals."

Who knew?

My readers, that's who, because I keep them informed.

President Trump is playing Democrats again. They want to make gun control an issue. He said, OK, and took control of the gun control debate. The debate will be on his terms and in his language. That is power positioning.

The mopes at the Post and Matt Drudge thought they could divide President Trump from his supporters with the report on the NRA warning the president on guns.

I knew in an instant what was happening. I knew Democrats would lose because President Trump never engages the enemy without first winning the battle. I also knew the president, a busy man, had outsourced the terms of the Democrat surrender to the NRA.

Whatever deal is made will have the NRA's approval.

I knew because of the First Squeal Rule. Whenever decisions are made privately, the loser is the one who goes public first in an effort to save face.

The best example is that White House meeting two years ago with Nancy and Chuck. After the meeting, Nancy and Chuck immediately talked to the press.

Ann Coulter believed them. She said there would be amnesty and no wall. She tweeted, "At this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?"

Two years later, the answer to her inane question remains the same: Normal People.

Under the First Squeal Rule, the internal discussion at the White House was over the NRA's role in the gun debate. Those who lost the discussion went to the Post with their version of the story. That got their side out first but it did not change the outcome. It never should.

I am not saying the media gets everything about Donald Trump wrong. I am just having trouble remembering the last time they got it right.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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