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08/11/2019, 22:36:25

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'You can have your own beliefs, but Boy A wants to be called a girl' - WND

WND Staff
3-4 minutes

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

Threatened with a lawsuit, an Ohio school district has agreed to stop punishing students who disagree with teachers who contend a boy can become a girl and who mandate the use of “preferred” pronouns.

The case was handled by Liberty Counsel, which kept names of the students and the district confidential.

Liberty Counsel intervened when a sixth-grade student and his family contacted the legal team after he was punished for saying a male classmate is a boy.

Responding to Liberty Counsel, the district confirmed the student’s record “does not contain any record of disciplinary action related to the circumstances described in your letter” and that his being removed from a physical education class as punishment “did not constitute formal disciplinary action.”

The district also agreed that no student “will be punished for expressing respectful disagreement on the subject of transgender claims by other students.”

And the board of education has confirmed it won’t discipline students “for expressing respectful disagreement on any topic.”

Also, students are allowed to use male pronouns for males.

The sixth-grader had been punished by an assistant principal for referencing a male student as “he.”

“Boy A” has publicly claimed to be a girl, and school administrators have been going along with the claim, Liberty Counsel said.

“The assistant principal told ‘John” that there would be ‘consequences’ for his statements [that Boy A is a boy],” Liberty Counsel explained.

Besides the assistant principal, an art teacher and a music teacher were referring to Boy A with female pronouns such as “she” and “her,” Liberty Counsel said.

“During May 2019, several girls were talking in art class about Boy A ‘taking girl hormones’ and eventually having his ‘male private parts removed’ and that this would ‘make him a girl.’ Liberty Counsel’s client ‘John,’ who considers Boy A to be a friend, politely disagreed and corrected their error that Boy A ‘is a boy, not a girl,'” the legal team explained.

John was summoned to the assistant principal’s office where he was told, “You can have your own beliefs, but Boy A wants to be called a girl,” and there might be “consequences.”

John’s mother was called and informed that he was being punished.

Liberty Counsel, contacted by John’s parents, investigated and asked the district to ensure that any record of discipline had been removed and confirm other students will not be punished for expressing respectful disagreement on the subject of ‘transgender’ claims.

“Students may respectfully share their views without being punished,” explained Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel’s founder. “School administrators were wrong to punish students for expressing their views on something patently obvious. Schools cannot force students to lie about objective reality.”


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